We reduce risk and time of project delivery and save money for our clients through building high performing technical teams out of the nimble marketplace powered by predictive analytics of their personal strengths, values as well as any business knowledge to ensure the best fit for a specific team or project.

Subsequently, the crucial collaboration and communication can blossom so that teams with the high score of ours can perform up to 1,9x better than others. 


Our network of teams consists of developers and makers experienced in:








Web Apps




Cyber Security

Start working even remotely within a matter of 5 days.

We know who is the best choice for you to work with, their current availability as well as what business and technical skills they are great at.

All proved by verified references they possess in a specific domain.


Increase revenue by sharing the underused development workforce of your company based on our unique data-driven approach to people analytics.

Prevent your developers from leaving your company. You give them new exciting projects to work on and provide them with learning and development to grow.


“At least 40% of all businesses will die in the next 10 years… if they don’t figure out how to change their entire company to accommodate new technologies.”

New realm of opportunities

Get access to the best people within our leading teams that you do not have access to.

These resources are unavailable through conventional recruiting methods used by end clients and recruitment agencies.


We test the members of our network to ensure the best quality of code, communication and the project of yours.

We invest into their development, strengthen mutual relationships as well as communication in order to make sure our teams are as effective as possible.


1. Need of services
You need our comprehensive services to boost digital innovation in your company.
2. Setting the expectations
Let’s schedule a meeting to learn more about your intent or to come up with an idea for a project.
3. Proposal
HackSales works on a practical plan of delivery and make a proposal for our collaboration.
4. Team assessment
We can assess your current team by our analytics and insert the best people that fit into the culture of a particular team to make sure everyone is happy, engaged and at their best in order to increase productivity
5. Culture fit
HackSales then builds the best teams possible based on the unique data about your teams and our members of the marketplace so that you can start your project with the highest chance for a big success.
6. Beginning of the project
We connect you with your new extended team that delivers results while providing consultancy and support during your journey.


Exciting projects with international opportunities for our partners – top software development studios, big corporations with available technical developers and IT professionals. We offer:

HackSales provides you with fresh and interesting international projects to work on.

We can help you to:


We apply scientific evidence and human judgment to find the right fit for a role, team and organization.

We can highlight your team dynamics with individual and team reports and teams get practical advice on how to deal with challenges, avoid conflict and work better together.




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